Sharon Rapciewicz 2.16.196 ~ 6.30.2016

So where do I start? ..... I'm a dreamer and entrepreneur at heart. I'm a little nutty. And, I'm extremely tenacious. These are the character traits that drive me. Well, rewind to 2014 when the hype on medicinal marijuana really kicked in. Lying in bed one night, I kept processing combinations of words, landing on a fabricated "legal juana". Checking on availability, I logged on to my Mac and bought my domain. As of December 19, 2017, I officially own the words "Legal Juana". Though Legal Juana's birth was mid 2014, my brand was not offered in the market place until March of 2017.

2016 proved to be the most challenging year one could imagine. My beautiful sister, Sharon, passed at the young age of 56 on June 30th, 2016. The cancer started in her breast and expeditiously took over her body. I, since then, refer to cancer as the 'Beast'. This venture is dedicated to Sharon. I have chosen The Breast Cancer Research Foundation as the recipient of my quarterly donations to help support their efforts.

Charcasso Brands LLC serves as the parent company to a variety of my unique brands, namely Legal Juana. This name, again made up, stems from my love of Picasso and my mock paintings of his work, each with a 'Char' twist to them. And, thus, we have Charcasso! Just seemed fitting as I have referred, for years, to my art as my "Charcasso's". Charcasso Brands LLC is privately held, is currently based in, and operates out of central Florida.

The best part? Promoting attention to the plant, consequently bringing greater awareness to the medicinal powers of cannabis. There are countless people affected by the Beast and/or other threats such as seizures, anxiety, and chronic pain, and age, gender, race, etc. offer no relevance. Legal Juana delivers a level of reprieve. Please take a look, shop, purchase an expression, and assist is supporting my efforts to bring a better understanding of its benefits. 

Semper Fi,